The Carbon Currency

During my research into this subject it has become crystal clear that the 'Climate Crisis' has been conceived by the Gaia Cult as a way to control and reduce human activity in order to protect their goddess. To achieve this they have devised a 'carbon rationing' system that will include a mandatory carbon card that you must have if you want to buy anything, even food. And it will be global - everyone will be signed up to the same system.

Their plan is that everyone on earth will be given the same number of 'carbon credits' so a person living in a village in India, who doesn't even own a car, will suddenly has a 1000 carbon credits. If a family in America wants to have two cars and heat their home in winter they will have to buy credits from poorer countries. This is just a socialist scheme for global wealth redistribution.

Even scarier, at any time they can just say the climate change is progressing faster than they predicted so they have to cut everyone's carbon allowance by 30%. They will have control over almost every aspect of our lives. They have already developed a thing called the Kyoto Chip, and the UK has setup a Carbon Currency Unit in their Treasury. We live in interesting times!! Check out these news reports:

Carbon – the Currency of a New World Order

One of Kevin Rudd's contacts with whom he keeps in regular dialogue is Britain's Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, David Miliband, a climate change crusader and a leader of the political revolution sweeping Britain and Europe. Last week Miliband announced that Britain will become the world's first nation to legislate a climate change bill setting legally binding timetables for a low-carbon economy. It will put into law the target of 60 per cent emission cuts by 2050, the same target pledged by Rudd's Labor Party. This decision will affect every British industry, business and household. Miliband is not just environment minister. He met Rudd when he worked in Tony Blair's office at Downing Street as a New Labour strategic thinker. Now he is recasting social democratic philosophy and practice for the coming century.

Miliband's discussion paper sees the greenhouse challenge as "similar in scope to the first industrial revolution". It is tied to the EU heads of government decision over March 8-9 on an independent binding target to cut Europe's greenhouse gas emissions by 20 per cent by 2020 (compared with 1990 levels) and to lift this target to 30 per cent as part of a global agreement. The purpose is to impose this system on the world. Britain and Europe are setting benchmarks for a new global order. Miliband's paper makes this explicit: "By forming a single negotiating block, the EU will be influential in forging a post-2012 framework." Britain's next prime minister, Gordon Brown, said last week: "My ambition is to build a global carbon market founded on the EU emissions trading scheme and centred in London."

Miliband plans carbon trading 'credit cards' for everyone

Every citizen would be issued with a carbon "credit card" - to be swiped every time they bought petrol, paid an energy utility bill or booked an airline ticket - under a nationwide carbon rationing scheme that could come into operation within five years, according to a feasibility study commissioned by the environment secretary, David Miliband, and published today.

The idea was floated in a speech in the summer, but the detailed proposals show Mr Miliband is serious about trying to press ahead with the radical idea as a central part of his climate change strategy. Under the scheme, everybody would be given an annual allowance of the carbon they could expend on a range of products, probably food, energy and travel. If they wanted to use more carbon, they would be able to buy it from somebody else. The report admits huge questions would have to be resolved, including the risk of fraud, the relationship to ID cards, and costs. However Mr Miliband said "bold thinking is required because the world is in a dangerous place".

Pay as you pollute

In a few years from now you will have another plastic card in your wallet - your carbon card. You will start the year with 1,000 points on it and each time you fill up your car, you put the card in a slot on the pump and it will deduct a few points. Each time you buy an airline ticket, it will cost you a minimum of 100 points. If you fly regularly, you may have to buy more points through the carbon market - but since it is all in the cause of reducing greenhouse gas emissions you do not mind so much.

Personal carbon rationing


Personal carbon rationing would be a UK-wide allowance system covering the carbon emissions generated from the fossil fuel energy used by individuals within the home and for personal transport, including carbon equivalent emissions from air travel. It would account for around half of current UK carbon emissions from energy. The primary aim of the scheme would be to deliver guaranteed levels of carbon savings in successive years in an equitable way. The government’s current target of a 60% reduction by 2050, or more stringent targets, would assuredly be met in this way.

Key features
The main features of personal carbon rations are:
>> An equal annual ration is allocated for each adult, with a smaller one for children.
>> Rations are tradable.
>> The ration covers the direct energy used in the household and for personal travel.
>> A phased year-on-year reducing ration is signalled well in advance.
>>· The arrangement is mandatory.

Carbon rations will have to decrease over time in response to the need to reduce global emissions in a smooth transition and to allow for the expected rise in national population. To allow for the expected growth in the UK population, personal rations would have to fall by a little more than 60% below today’s average by 2050 (designed to stabilise atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations at 550ppm). If a more risk-averse target for concentrations of 450ppm were chosen, then the reductions needed by 2050 would be around 80%. In order to be effective, carbon rationing would have to be mandatory.


Modern industrial society, especially the United States, has always represented the 'Great Satan' to the modern green movement. They despise and fear capitalism and economic growth. Ever since its inception in the 1960s the green agenda has always been to find some way to destroy the free market system. The 'Climate Crisis is the weapon they have crafted to deliver a fatal death blow. A scheme that they are currently pushing hard is called 'Contraction and Convergence'.

Under this system entire countries would have carbon rationing imposed on them. The United States (currently 25% of global emissions) would be allowed to emit no more than 5% of the world's annual carbon emissions. If, as required by th UN's IPCC, emissions must decrease by at least 50% from current levels then the USA would have to decrease its carbon emissions by 98% from 1990 levels!! Goodbye USA! Many well-know politicians such as Angela Merkel, Gordon Brown and Arnold Sharwzenegger have publicly praised the C&C system. If these systems for personal and national carbon rationing are implemented then the Global Green Agenda activists will have well and truly achieved their aim of Global Governance.

"Man-made climate change is the most serious environmental threat we face. Many leaders from government, business and environmental organisations now support the C&C model as a realistic framework within which the international community can take the necessary action to solve the critical problem of climate change."
- Angela Merkel, German Chancellor

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